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"Trey is brilliant. I hired Trey after wasting 7 years on two other web developers that could not deliver what they promised. Trey has a system of staying in touch so that communication doesn't get lost and projects don't get forgotten. He's reliable and can tolerate my lack of understanding about what we're building and how. I love that Trey listens to my needs and then showers me with brilliant ideas I could never have dreamed up. He's truly remarkable and worth every penny. "

Jeannie Hughes - Raw Nutrition Instructor at

"Trey is simply amazing! So talented! I promise he will more than exceed your expectations."

Vaniece Catron -

Bliss Rae - Business & Lifestyle Coach -
“I’m thrilled I met Trey when I did through my biz coach, I literally was trying to do everything myself for over a year, and it was driving me crazy trying to figure it all out, plus it was super time consuming. I had tried to hire others before Trey and dealt with a few flakey people who just disappeared on me and that really was hard on me, that took me backwards with having to start over trying to find someone else, and the process is grueling when you have a specific vibe you want with the person you hire, because in a since they’re partnering up with you & your biz so it’s so important to have someone who’s reliable, that you trust, understands your needs and how to fulfill them in your biz, and meets deadlines, and I’ll just say I found a biz home with Trey. He’s the first person I’ve worked with like this that goes over and beyond, he’s patient and attentive to your needs, plus he doesn’t complain about my crazy long messages & videos (LOL!), plus I haven’t even gotten to the juicy stuff yet… Trey is uber talented, and him and his team do so much more than just branding & web design. As you can see under his services, I mean they really are a one-stop-shop…which for me is super refreshing because to have to hire out separate people to do every lil thing would be not only insane but way more costly. Working with Designs by Trey you can have it all, I mean even if it’s not listed above he probably still knows how to do it or create it. Even Merch design/Mockups to FB Ads…like seriously you will not find better. Then, to top it off he’s super sweet, and you can tell he genuinely cares about his clients & projects, his work is impeccable, he can take any one of your ideas/concepts and makes it come to life. That’s such a beautiful feeling to experience I can’t even begin to tell you!! Plus if you’re a hands-on sort of client like myself who really knows what you want done with certain things and really wants to be apart of the entire process, he has no issue with listening & taking direction if you want something done a specific way, and he’s someone you can talk strait with and he is awesome at following your vision. Unlike other people who really prefer to do a more cookie cutter approach…TG you won’t ever have to deal with that sort of stuff ever working with Trey. Just seeing everything he’s done for me thus far has blown me away, and there’s still so much more to come which I’m super excited about!! Consider Trey an extension of your biz for life, I know I do. He’s a genius at what he does, also amazing at problem-solving through things, he always has a solution for everything. Trust me Trey is your go to guy for all your biz needs, you’ll never want anyone else! I couldn’t be happier!! 😉 “

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