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5 Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are a marketer, then it is crucial that you understand conversion rate optimization. Without optimizing for conversions, you are left with inefficient spending on your advertising and other assets. By increasing conversions, you can increase profit and enjoy dominating your market. Here are five best practices to consider:

Call to Action Above the Fold

Web users today are distracted. There is so much information and so many platforms that they need guidance in order to make the right choices. This is especially true for your conversion optimization. Always include your primary call to action above the fold to ensure they know what you want them to do from the start.

Sales Funnel Planning

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Plan out every step of your sales funnel in advance. Understand where people are discovering your content, how they are getting engaged, what their hot buttons are, and what makes them buy. With these factors in mind, it’s just a matter of mapping out the flow between pages to ensure they go through the funnel in order. If nothing else, every single sales funnel page should have a link or call to action to take the user to the next step.

Opt-in Popup

It’s hard to grow a business without having your customers’ email address because the email address will either be used by you or your competitor to reach the customer directly in the future. The opt-in email popup is used commonly for a reason: it works.


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You need to simplify the user interface. Even major companies like Facebook and Google are always finding ways to make their experience even more intuitive for users. People enjoy simplicity. They will be more willing to go through the steps of your sales funnel if that funnel doesn’t feel like an obstacle course. Cart abandonment is one example of what happens when a customer feels like it takes too much effort to make the purchase.

Track and Analyze

Doing any kind of marketing without collecting analytics is like shooting in the dark. It’s essentially throwing money away. Set up A/B testing, tracking, and analytic pixels on your site. This lets you see, on a granular level, exactly what efforts are effective and what efforts are not. Ditch anything that doesn’t produce results. Therefore, you can waste less time and less cash.

Don’t make the mistake of avoiding conversion rate optimization because you or someone in your company thinks they know better. The best practices above are tried and true. If you use them, you can leverage the increased conversions for maximized profit and acceleration of market share. To learn more about what you can do to improve your website and your conversion rate optimization, contact me for a consultation!


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