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Trey Simon

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5 Ways the Right Website Design Increases Your Brand Reach

Image Credit: Kyani, U.S.

Believe or not, your website design has a significant impact on your sales volume. From your website template to the content on each page, you need to come up with stunning stuff that will attract customers. Keep in mind; your website is a visual representation of your brand.

A well-established brand is a valuable marketing asset that will bring more customers. Here are some simple ways the right website design can increase your brand reach.

Type of Content You Post

There are so many benefits of using the internet. First, it is easier than ever to order something from the comfort of your home. Second, you can consult with professionals online without paying thousands of dollars. But, with over 51% of the global population having access to the internet, companies have it rough.

Unlike in the past, it is the responsibility of every company to find competitive means of attracting their clients. One of such is through websites. Websites have become communication gateways between clients and customers. This communication means that companies have to put forth an effort in coming up with contextual posts that their clients will appreciate.

A more accessible and useful way to do this is coming up with Do-It-Yourself articles. Articles that are broken down with the aim of helping their clients. In fact, over 70% if Americans prefer such content over promotional ones.

Creation of Product Videos

Although all content is valuable, video content seems to be the most current embraced trend, according to a Hubspot research done in 2017. According to the study, 54% of customers worldwide would prefer to support brand videos.

But video marketing needs planning. For starters, come up with an “About Us” video. Why? This video will be used to build trust with your audience. You can talk about what your company does. Also, talk about how you’re trying to make the world a better place.

You can follow this with an interview from one of the top executives. This interview gives your audience an opportunity to understand what your company is all about. After this, you can create “test videos” to see what works with the audience and what doesn’t.

Come Up with Unique Product Testimonials

Before buying a product, you check the reviews, right?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you as long as you get it right. This is precisely what your customers do. They go through several pages online trying to find your product’s reviews. Allowing customers to see product reviews is essential to the success of your business.

First things first, come up with a testimonial for your product. You can get someone online. Send them the product and have them review it. This review gives off accurate and honest feedback.

In fact, do not have them lie about the product. Let the customers talk about the positive and some “negatives” of the product/company. Later, have them report back to their audience about the progress of the product/company.

Have a “Pretty” Site

Most business owners and marketers assume that website designs don’t matter. They tend to focus on coming up with great content, video, and testimonials.

But in fact, a website template does matter. It matters a lot.

Remember, the moment a potential client is opening your website, they are hoping to come across an easy-to-use yet “pretty” site. In a way, this assures them of quality work. This assurance is because your website is your brand representation.

But do not do it on your own. Picking out the best website template on some hosting site won’t help at all. You need someone experienced to help out. Find a website developer who has some graphic design background to help you out.

Build with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

SEO is a crucial component of website success. Without it, your site doesn’t get ranked within search engines, traffic doesn’t increase, and your brand doesn’t grow at a pace you like.

It doesn’t matter how your website looks, what type of content you post and what kind of videos you use. You need to have Search Engine Optimization as part of your site and business plans.

It won’t even last a couple of months.

Picture this: There are billions of websites on Google, and customers discover around 74% of these websites through search engines. That means if you neglect search engines, you are neglecting potential customers.

When considering a website build or redesigning it, come up with one that has good SEO. Keep in mind; good SEO cannot be altered. Good SEO can be the use of parallax design, responsive sites with an excellent website structure. For instance, you can use new website template designs while keeping traditional structures like using fewer keywords on your URL.

But this doesn’t mean your website will rank on the first page in a short time because search engine crawlers like this type of stuff.

Increase in Your Brand Reach

Unlike PPC campaigns, brand reach campaigns take time. In the long run, brand reach has an impact on your website than anything else. But remember, your site shapes how your customers view your company. Thus, put in the work in ensuring you are sending the right message.


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