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Trey Simon

Trey Simon

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2020

Launching a successful business or brand requires more than traditional advertising and marketing techniques. Today, developing a massive online presence with the use of social media is a cornerstone of most business models, allowing entrepreneurs to reach millions of potential customers from all around the globe. Having a thorough understanding of social media marketing and how to implementing tactics for your brand is a way for you to secure your place in any market or industry, regardless of the products, services, or content you have to offer.


Compare Top Social Media Platforms

Before choosing social media platforms that are right for your brand, research the platforms, interfaces, and learn more about your target audience and demographics. Using Facebook is ideal for most business models as it is possible to hone in on extremely specific audiences when launching new social media marketing campaigns and new promotions for your products or services.


Select Networks Based on Your Audience

While Snapchat does not often receive as much praise as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, don’t be so quick to write it off. As Elevate correctly points out, “Snapchat didn’t fade away and disappear. In fact, the opposite happened. More and more people started using it and now it’s getting so big that it could soon be battling Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to be the most popular social network.”


Post Schedules

Create a posting schedule when you are setting up all of your social media accounts to better represent your business and brand. Having a posting schedule in place is a way to keep your followers interested in your updates and the content you share. Even something as low-tech as a Google Calendar can help you plan out your curated content. Posting schedules prevent followers and loyal customers from becoming bored and disinterested in your brand if you are unable to post updates and new content for an extended period of time.


Consistency is Key

Consistency is also a key element to success when building the presence of a brand and business online. Using various tools and applications, create an automatic posting schedule that includes new links, content, and information you want to share with your followers to guarantee that your users do not go without a post or new piece of content for any length of time. Customers prefer brands who are consistent, dedicated and committed to the products or services they offer, helping to build trust quicker between brands and customers.


A/B Testing

One of the best ways to become familiar with social media marketing and launching new campaigns is to become involved with A/B testing with each advertisement or promotion you have in mind for your brand. A/B testing is most common with Facebook, as the platform allows you to run multiple advertisements for one campaign to determine the best method of communication between you and your prospective customers or followers. A/B testing is a way to optimize ad campaigns to maximize reach and exposure while also becoming more familiar with the preferences your users and customers have.


Having a clear understanding of how to put social media marketing to work for you is a way to steer clear of competition while solidifying a professional name and reputation for your business and brand. With the right social media marketing tips and tricks, always reach as many potential followers and shoppers as possible whether you are sharing a promoted post or launching an entirely new comprehensive marketing strategy and campaign.

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