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Hit a Slump? Why Goofing Off Can Actually Help You Be More Productive

For countless professionals, finding ways to maximize personal productivity is a matter of great importance. While suggestions for optimizing efficiency are not difficult to find, crafting the best work routine often requires a little trial and error. Regardless of the strategy or concept that professionals may be utilizing, professionals would do well to take time to give back to their coworkers and associates. Such efforts can often make a real difference.

Minimizing Stress

Professionals who become locked in their own task list, duties and internal rituals could end up missing out on the bigger picture. The culture and sense of community that may be found within the office or other workplace environments can end up playing a big role in unlocking the full potential of each individual worker. Taking a break, spending some downtime with their associates and finding the time to relax during a busy workday can go a long way towards minimizing stress which might otherwise interfere with productivity.

Regaining Focus

Staying focused on one task or concern for too long can quickly become exhausting. Taking a short break is a great way to regain focus and ensure that mental abilities and judgment have not been blunted by fatigue. While taking a break in order to boost productivity can seem a little counter-intuitive, especially when working under a deadline, the focus that may be regained after even a few moments of downtime is not an asset that workers can afford to undervalue.

Creating the Right Culture

The social environment of the workplace can often be a more important concern than many professionals or business owners might expect. Staying focused, motivated and on-task within a workplace environment that is too rigid may prove to be an uphill battle, especially when working under a deadline or dealing with other issues that might lead to increased stress. A workplace culture that allows or even encourages employees to take time to relax every once in a while can be a major asset to those who are striving to find ways to boost productivity.

The Importance of Teamwork

Pooling skills and splitting a large task among multiple workers can allow professionals to accomplish far more than they might have thought possible. The decision to take time to give back to those who have worked closely on a project by enjoying a shared activity or spending some time in a social setting can help to foster a stronger sense of teamwork and community. Goofing off with other coworkers and associates may seem trivial or frivolous, but such efforts often play a key role in creating and maintaining the bonds that will allow employees to become a real team.

Celebrating Accomplishment

Choosing to take time to give back to employees who go the extra mile can have a major impact on workplace morale. A party, event or other social function that offers workers a chance to unwind and interact with each other outside of the usual environment or routine can be very beneficial, especially when celebrating personal achievement or accomplishment. Workers who are provided with nothing but their salary as thanks for their efforts are far more likely to find themselves suffering from burnout and other issues which might impede productivity.

Finding the Optimum Balance

Moderation is essential when it comes to using relaxation to improve productivity. While spending too much time dedicated to crucial tasks and workflow processes can become draining, spending too much time goofing off could also lead to problems. There are plenty of reasons why taking a break can benefit productivity, but workers and their employers should be prepared to experiment a little in order to find the optimum balance.

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