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How To Write Content That Converts

If you want to be successful in online marketing, you need to master the art of writing content that converts. When you can produce higher conversions, you can spend less on marketing and get more sales, resulting in higher profits. But you need to follow the right strategy, or you could waste time and money. So here is what you need to know:

Get the Length Right

You can get everything else right about writing great content, but if your length is off, it could affect your conversions. To understand the right length of posts and articles, focus on the reason that your customer is consuming your content in the first place. If they are looking for information that is right to the point, then don’t delay giving them that crucial information. However, with longer topics involving in-depth understanding, make longer posts of 600 words or higher to satisfy their curiosity and increase the chances they will convert. In that sense, the more you “tell,” the more you “sell.”


Once you have figured out your length, you need to focus on the top end of your funnel for your content. Each piece of content can be viewed as a self-contained marketing funnel. To get conversions, of course, you first need to get attention. This is where having a show-stopping headline with a considerable benefit to your prospect is crucial. Use emotional language when possible, and keep it between 6 and 18 words.


Once your title has done its job by catching attention, you need to build interest. This is where you insert facts and figures. Include information that would help solve a problem or a question in their mind to urge them to continue reading. Then, you’ll set them up for the next, and final, step of content that converts:


Without desire, you will never get conversion off of your content. This goes for email signups, sales, and social shares. To increase desire, use emotional language that drives to their deepest wants and needs. Invoke the feelings of pride, fear, success, and urgency. Then, to end it, ask for an action that is easy and specific, such as clicking on the “buy now” button.

When it comes to online business today, it evolves rapidly. The platforms that you use will change yearly, monthly, and sometimes even more. However, the general principles above are proven to help you convert better with your content. So implement them into your business and start enjoying higher conversions, profits, and customer engagement.


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