How to Write Great Blog Posts (Even When You Have a Boring Subject)
Trey Simon

Trey Simon

Visual Designer & Digital Business Strategist

How to Write Great Blog Posts (Even When You Have a Boring Subject)

Blogging has become an essential digital marketing strategy used by businesses to attract customers and increase their brand recognition. According to HubSpot, businesses that maintain active blogs generate 67 percent more leads than their non-blogging counterparts. With a blog, business owners can funnel traffic to their products or services, turning visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, many struggle to write compelling, high-quality blog posts. They either lack the writing experience, or they don’t know how to tackle otherwise bland subjects. If this sounds familiar, consider the following tips for writing great blog posts, regardless of subject matter.

Don’t Force Keywords

There’s nothing wrong with optimizing your blog posts for search rankings, but you shouldn’t force keywords into the content. Some business owners are fixated using a specific keyword density, usually around 3-5%. But forcing keywords into a blog post dilutes its value and lowers its readability. If it makes sense to include a keyword in a post, add it. If it doesn’t, leave it out. You should write posts for your blog’s visitors and not search engines. When visitors enjoy reading your blog, high search rankings will follow.

Use a Catchy Title

The title is arguably the most important element of a blog post. Even if the post is detailed, well written and engaging, it’s going to attract visitors unless it has a catchy title. Visitors typically look at the title to determine whether a blog post is worth reading. You can use this to your advantage by writing a compelling title that encourages visitors to read the post. Check out this HubSpot infographic for some ideas. Just remember to limit the length of your titles to 60 characters, as search engines may truncate longer titles in their search results listings.

Break It Up

Notice how this article features sections with bullet points and easy-to-spot subheadings? Use a similar approach to break up the content of your blog posts. When it’s broken into sections instead of a large block of text, visitors will feel more comfortable reading it.

Creative Angle

Some topics are naturally boring, but you can write great posts about them by taking a creative angle on the subject. If your business sells office chairs, for example, you can write about 10 fascinating facts about office chairs. Another idea is to write about the history of office chairs and how they’ve evolved over the past decade. There are ways to turn any boring subject into an engaging topic. It just requires the right approach.

Add Visuals

Writing a text-only blog post will probably result in low traffic and a high bounce rate. Statistics show that 90 percent of the information processed by our brains is visual. Without visuals in your blog posts, you’ll fail to connect your blog’s visitors. Furthermore, visuals encourage higher organic search traffic by placing your website on Google Images and Bing Images. Whether it’s a photo, infographic or a video, include at least one visual in each blog post.

Encourage Comments

Visitor comments add value to your posts, so don’t disable this feature on your blog. Even if the subject is boring, visitors may spark an engaging discussion in the comments. The only downside is that you’ll need to moderate your blog’s comments to prevent spam from being published, but that’s a small price to pay considering the value comments add to your posts.

Writing a great blog post requires thorough planning and hard work. Once your post is published, though, it will continue to attract customers while exposing your business’s brand for the world to see.

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