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Trey Simon

Trey Simon

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Why Every Company Needs an Employee Engagement and Communication App

Studies show that organizations with engaged employees frequently outperform those companies without any level of engagement by 202%. Employee engagement is thus crucial for the success of any business because engaged employees tend to be more productive, subsequently, leading to the phenomenal growth of a business. Additionally, a high level of engagement among employees could lead to higher customer retention rates. Highly engaged employees enable a company to retain up to 80% of their customers. Therefore, disengagement has significant adverse effects on a company. Research shows that the US economy loses over $500 billion annually from employee disengagement. This article delves into the reasons why companies need engagement apps for employees.

Enhance Real-Time Collaboration

Answering emails do not qualify as real-time collaboration in the contemporary business environment. With employee engagement apps, employees can get instant feedback on various reports and set up meetings through instant message boards. What this does is to enhance employee productivity and increase transparency within the company set up. Consequently, it is possible to establish trusting relationships in the workplace. At present, 65% of businesses allow employees to work remotely, at least part of the time. Employee apps allow remote employees to get in touch with each other and collaborate even when they’re at home.

Streamlines Communication

Research shows that 90% of employees often read a text within three minutes of receiving it. Ideally, such promptness is desirable especially for employees who are tired of email inboxes filled with unread emails. Employees have been noted to spend approximately 28% of employer time trying to manage emails and clearing their inboxes. Employees also ignore numerous emails thinking they are spam which causes them to miss out on important emails. Therefore, a text would go a long way toward catching the employees’ attention. Companies would thus streamline communication through such apps for employees. Further, the messages could even be customized for each employee.

Improves Efficiency Through Big Data

Engagement apps could help human resource departments, as well as upper management, view current engagement levels in the form of data. Apps continuously collect data which gives companies a lot of information that helps improve efficiency. Therefore, managers can begin to review their goals and set standards, as well as, improve in areas where they see challenges. HR teams could thus use the collected information to improve business performance. Big data can be enlightening and could be a big nudge in the right direction in helping companies review their business processes and improve employee engagement.

Employees have their phones with them at all times. Therefore, companies need to use phones to put themselves within reach of their employees as much as possible. Additionally, the availability of the internet has enhanced the use of apps on phones, so companies should invest in engagement and communication apps for employers to enhance their reach toward their employees and streamline communication. Subsequently, the apps can lead to improved business processes, increased efficiency, higher company growth, and improved employee productivity. For more information on employee and business success, check out our blog.








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