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Why Your Employee’s LinkedIn Is Just As Important As Your Business’

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for B2B companies, and for good reason. It’s the largest social media platform that targets business professionals. It’s also a great place for employees to look for work, keep up-to-date with the latest professional news in their sector, and to update others on their lives and their company.

But have you ever considered how your employee’s LinkedIn can give your company and brand a boost?

Activating your employees as brand advocates is a great way of building company culture, PR goodwill, and engagement with your audience. Employees are some of the best people you can reach out to if you need to build a brand.

The reason behind this is that the perception of your brand grows if it seems like your employees want to talk about your brand. As long as things look organic and don’t feel forced, you’re on a great path.

So let’s see how and why employee’s LinkedIn profiles are so important to a business.

CEO LinkedIn Profiles

A CEO’s LinkedIn profiles show how dedicated and enthusiastic they are to their brand and their cause. You get a chance to describe the drive and motivation behind the company. As a CEO, you must be your brand’s biggest advocate.

You shouldn’t worry about bias. Obviously, as the CEO of a company, you have a bias for your brand. Everybody knows that, but that shouldn’t stop you from spouting praise about your brand and the team behind it. It also gives the CEO a great opportunity to become a thought leader in their respective industry, providing even more credibility to the brand.

People love to see a company with a great culture, and that’s why employee advocacy is so important. Seeing the story behind a company directly from the people who make up the company is a powerful incentive for customers.

Employee LinkedIn Profiles

Here is where the bulk of the work should be put in. Each employee that engages in brand advocacy should strive to become an expert in their field and a contributing member within their industry.

This shows off a brand’s culture more than anything. Customers who see a company’s employees being active and on the scenes is an excellent way of displaying a brand’s dedication to their customers.

So what are some features that every employee’s LinkedIn account should have? Here’s a quick list of them:

  • A nice headshot and cover photo
  • Plenty of quality connections
  • The profile summary
  • Previous job experiences
  • Some articles
  • Recommendations

Hopefully, you can implement some of these features on your LinkedIn account so that your brand can start activating your employees!

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